All you need to know about Chuck

I am Parker Ross Norris!  I am just starting a blog to allow others to see what I have been doing in my life and keep everyone up to date.  I am currently a student/Ambassador for Weber State University. I just started school this week.  I really enjoy my new professors they really care about their students and want everyone to succeed.  I do however have some difficult class such as English 2010 and Public Speaking… Yikes.

I love to snowboard at Snowbasin. YES, I am a Basin Boy!! haha.  I also love to attend Jazz games and watch them with my buds.  My favorite player is D will and Hayward is a stud for being a rookie.  I grew up in North Ogden and I love the outdoors.

I have worked at the Cold Springs Trout Farm for the past five years and I love my job.  For now I have recently gotten a new job at Bella’s Mexican Grill. The food there is to die for. I highly recommend giving it a try.  Well life is good.  As Darrel Filbin once said “Fleece it out!”.  And I say Peace out for now 🙂


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