Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Model


Jigsaw falls under the umbrella of cooperative learning.  The model is proven to increase student involvement and understanding.  A major reason for these outcomes is because each student is given a specific task to become “an expert” in a given category or subject that they must then return and teach in a home group.  This puts a little bit of pressure but without that pressure this model wouldn’t succeed.  It also builds social skills due to the fact that each students works with a minimum of two groups.

I plan to use this in seminary in the following ways:

  1. Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge  has three areas of emphasis (listed below).  I could have groups become experts in one of these three areas by having them study and read the paragraphs in their journals and then rearranging the groups and having the students report to each other about the other two ares of emphasis.
    1. Act in Faith
    2. Examine Concepts and Questions with an Eternal Perspective
    3. Seek Further Understanding through Divinely Appointed Sources
  2. There are three witnesses to the Book of Mormon (listed below).  I could have each expert group become an expert on that person and then get into new groups and learn from their peers about the other 2 witnesses.
    1. Oliver Cowdery
    2. David Whitmer
    3. Martin Harris
  3. In the 1st book of Nephi we are introduced to a family.  It might be a fun activity to have students in expert groups take an individual and become an expert on that member of the family and have them share with their new groups insights that they learned that they didn’t know prior.

This model is very interactive and engaging.  There are many ways to use it.  When the model and the material mesh–you have the perfect equation for edifying education!


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