Socratic Seminar in Seminary

office meeting

Seminary classes thrive when students are willing to openly communicate and participate.  The Socratic Seminar approach goes beyond a good class discussion.  It requires real dialogue–meaningful, thoughtful, and well organized.  Many teachers settle for a couple of comments when there is more to the subject to unveil.  This model needs to be selected carefully because in seminary we don’t want people thinking that opinion is doctrine.  Doctrine and opinion are completely separate.  To keep the doctrine pure and to allow the students to have open dialogue the textbook suggests using text, in seminary that would be scripture, to study, think about, and analyze that can then lead to a successful seminar in seminary.  One idea that I would imagine would work well would be with the story of Enos in the Book of Mormon.  It is a story about prayer and it is relatively short (only 27 verses).  Great questioning could lead to very uplifting comments and stories about how students have received answers to their prayers and how God listens to them when they “cry” unto Him.


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