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There is Beauty All Around

I must admit, I love living where I do ūüôā Utah has all four seasons and we get to enjoy all of them!¬† Lately I have been carrying my camera around with me so that I can take pictures of the scenery and mountains that surrounds me.¬† I would recommend doing this to anyone, you’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll pass something beautiful and not even recognize it.¬† Here are some pictures that I took when I took a moment to stop and soak up the scene!

Aren’t those good looking¬†pics?¬† I like the one of Ben Lomand¬†because I live right under it.¬† Last summer my buddies and I actually hiked to the hop and slept over on top!¬† The other picture I took while I was going to class one day at Weber State University.¬† Weber State has an eye catching campus.¬† It is right beneath the mountains and the view is gorgeous.¬† I have been trying to take more time to appreciate all the beauty that is around us!¬† Enjoy life ūüôā You only have one!


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Taking a 2 Year Break From College!

What a wonder week!¬† Today is¬†Friday, and that means it is time to kick back and play some basketball, watch Jazz games, be with friends, and even work at Bella’s Fresh Mexican Grill.

For those of you who might not know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and this past week I opened my mission call!¬† What a crazy awesome feeling and experience that was.¬† I will be¬†spending the best two years of my life¬†serving in¬†the¬†WASHINGTON DC SOUTH MISSION!¬† I am definitely pumped up for that adventure.¬† I will be living mostly in upper Virginia.¬† Here are some pictures of me that night ūüôā

Well I was definitely a happy happy boy that night!¬† I leave for the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on June first.¬† I hear that there is¬†tons¬†of humidity¬†in Virginia! Did you know that¬†George Washington¬†and Thomas Jefferson lived in Virginia? ūüôā¬† There is tons of cool history there.

Weber State University has been very understanding and workable with my decision to take a 2 year break from college.  Weber State is reliable and helpful.  Being a student at WSU is so enjoyable because it encompasses more than just school work.  There are so many activities and sporting events to attend nearly every week.  Our basketball team is on a role! (Call them butter because they are on a roll haha)   Life is really good.  Go Jazz. Go Weber.

A general authority for the LDS church has said: “Without the risk of failure, you will never have the opportunity of success.”

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All you need to know about Chuck

I am Parker Ross Norris!¬† I am just starting a blog to allow others to see what I have been doing in my life and keep everyone up to date.¬† I am currently a student/Ambassador for Weber State University. I just started school this week.¬† I really enjoy my new professors they really care about their students and want everyone to succeed.¬† I do however have some difficult class such as English 2010 and Public Speaking… Yikes.

I love to snowboard at Snowbasin. YES, I am a Basin Boy!! haha.  I also love to attend Jazz games and watch them with my buds.  My favorite player is D will and Hayward is a stud for being a rookie.  I grew up in North Ogden and I love the outdoors.

I have worked at the Cold Springs Trout Farm for the past five years and I love my job.¬† For now I have recently gotten a new job at Bella’s Mexican Grill. The food there is to die for. I highly recommend giving it a try.¬† Well life is good.¬† As Darrel Filbin once said “Fleece it out!”.¬† And I say Peace out for now ūüôā

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