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Let’s not beat around the bush!  To be direct, the direct instruction model is quite direct.  Okay, enough play on words.  This is a common model I use while teaching seminary.  This model is sometimes referred to in the simple terms of “I do it.  We do it.  You do it.” or the “model, lead, test” method (Teaching Models: Designing Models for 21st Century Learners, Kilbane, Milman, p. 87).  This model helps students learn skills and understanding through examples and practice.   The focus starts with the teacher but ends with focus on the student.

In the seminary sphere, I employ this model for lessons dealing with family history, gospel library, and doctrinal mastery.  I will focus on the gospel library application that many L.D.S. teenagers are well aware of.  At the beginning of the year I will bring my apple TV to class and I will project the image on my iPad onto the projector.  I walk the students through all the features of the app, which include but are not limited to: tagging, highlighting, annotating, linking, and sharing scriptures.  I then let them practice in groups with requirements to use each feature at least once.  At the end of class I will allow students to connect to the apple TV and show the class how they highlighted and annotated a certain verse.

The benefit of executing this model is that it is interactive and hands on.  I ask students if they learned something new in class and they all seem to raise their hands.  It is not a “one model fits all” solution but it does have its place in education and I believe always will, even with the advent and veneration of technology.  In fact, in seminary it seems to be that when I use technology I am often using this method.


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Should WSU Become A Smoke-Free Campus? Yes Please!

What say ye?  Should WSU illimate smoking and the use of tabacco?  I believe that they should.  This subject has been a concern for students for many years, and now it has come to the attention of the administration. 

There is currrently a law in the state of Utah that plainly states that smoking is not allowing within 25 feet of a public building.  Secondhand smoke is harmful and the majority of WSU students are sick of inhaling the polluted air.  Below there is a picture published by the American Cancer Society.

Smoking is very glamorous? ? NO!  It isn’t.  There was a debate about students opinons on Thursday the 10th.  Administration is in the process of resolving the issue.  Whether that means building designated smoking areas on campus or completely banning it.   Whatever the final decision is, I am glad that awareness has been raised and that students can voice there opinion and actually see results.  WSU takes care of their students and does there best to keep everyone happy.  Below there is another great picture that represents my feelings.

The majority of smokers want to quit.  Smoking is a personal decision, but for a college that promotes and teaches higher education I would argue that smoking should be banned.

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Move Along to Weber State

As many of you may know I was basically born in the wilderness and raised with wildcats! Aka, Weber State Wildcats. hahaah. don’t laugh too hard I have more jokes coming!  I have another sweet video I found on youtube 🙂  Check it out….

Come to Weber 🙂

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WSU Ballers II

Well as you probably know I am basically in love with Weber State Basketball.  I looked up Weber State on Youtube and this SICK clip came up… About two weeks ago WSU defeated Colorado by making a half court shot at the buzzer.  Here is the clip!

Well… what did ya think? Do you see why I call them WSU BALLERS?  Go Weber.  Come to the games.  You wont be dissapointed I promise!

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Weber State Ballers!

Ever since I was a “young warthog” (Lion King quote) I have always enjoyed attending WSU Basketball games!  Our family would often buy season tickets and cheer way loud!  Well, this season is the first season of attending games that I have been an actual student.  Last Saturday there was a huge high school recruitment activity that invited all high school students to come and watch the game, eat dinner, and enjoy a movie.  It was a huge success and I’d like to thank all those who came. 

Weber State defeated their opponents by twenty points!  Here are some pictures of that night…..

Go Weber! If anyone has any questions about WSU I’d be happy to help out  🙂

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There is Beauty All Around

I must admit, I love living where I do 🙂 Utah has all four seasons and we get to enjoy all of them!  Lately I have been carrying my camera around with me so that I can take pictures of the scenery and mountains that surrounds me.  I would recommend doing this to anyone, you’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll pass something beautiful and not even recognize it.  Here are some pictures that I took when I took a moment to stop and soak up the scene!

Aren’t those good looking pics?  I like the one of Ben Lomand because I live right under it.  Last summer my buddies and I actually hiked to the hop and slept over on top!  The other picture I took while I was going to class one day at Weber State University.  Weber State has an eye catching campus.  It is right beneath the mountains and the view is gorgeous.  I have been trying to take more time to appreciate all the beauty that is around us!  Enjoy life 🙂 You only have one!

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Q: Are You Stressed? A:Stress Management!

Would it come as a surprise to find out that Weber State University has a class called Stress Management?  Would it be a surprise to find out that I am enrolled in that class? Well, I am!

Let me elaborate about why I enjoy this class so much.  I am taking 15 credit hours this semester, and I must admit Stress Management has been the one class that I have consciously applied what I have learned EVERYDAY.  We learn about the stress response and how, in reality, the world isn’t a stressful place.

The one thing I have come to realize as a result of this class is this: We, as individuals, have the power to choose our response to any given stimulus (stressful problem).  We are in control!  We determine how stressed and/or relaxed we are.  To my surprise, I have found this declaration to be TRUE!  My professor, Dr. Olpin is so enthusiastic about this subject material and even has us listen to relaxation exercises throughout the semester to help aid the students to become stress free.

WSU has a stress management lab that is available for all students and it’s paid for by your student fee’s. Might as well take advantage, right?  Here are some pictures of me outside of the stress lab!

Don’t you just feel so relaxed 🙂 ? haha.  The lab is open every week day during normal business hours.  This class has been a huge help to me and I have only been in the class for one month!  Come check out what Weber State has to offer and do yourself a favor–RELAX!  The lab has a full body massage chair!  In other words, welcome to heaven!  ha.

“The successful manager of stress is willing to do that which the unsuccessful manager of stress is not willing to do.”  — Dr. Olpin

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