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Q: Are You Stressed? A:Stress Management!

Would it come as a surprise to find out that Weber State University has a class called Stress Management?  Would it be a surprise to find out that I am enrolled in that class? Well, I am!

Let me elaborate about why I enjoy this class so much.  I am taking 15 credit hours this semester, and I must admit Stress Management has been the one class that I have consciously applied what I have learned EVERYDAY.  We learn about the stress response and how, in reality, the world isn’t a stressful place.

The one thing I have come to realize as a result of this class is this: We, as individuals, have the power to choose our response to any given stimulus (stressful problem).  We are in control!  We determine how stressed and/or relaxed we are.  To my surprise, I have found this declaration to be TRUE!  My professor, Dr. Olpin is so enthusiastic about this subject material and even has us listen to relaxation exercises throughout the semester to help aid the students to become stress free.

WSU has a stress management lab that is available for all students and it’s paid for by your student fee’s. Might as well take advantage, right?  Here are some pictures of me outside of the stress lab!

Don’t you just feel so relaxed 🙂 ? haha.  The lab is open every week day during normal business hours.  This class has been a huge help to me and I have only been in the class for one month!  Come check out what Weber State has to offer and do yourself a favor–RELAX!  The lab has a full body massage chair!  In other words, welcome to heaven!  ha.

“The successful manager of stress is willing to do that which the unsuccessful manager of stress is not willing to do.”  — Dr. Olpin


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All you need to know about Chuck

I am Parker Ross Norris!  I am just starting a blog to allow others to see what I have been doing in my life and keep everyone up to date.  I am currently a student/Ambassador for Weber State University. I just started school this week.  I really enjoy my new professors they really care about their students and want everyone to succeed.  I do however have some difficult class such as English 2010 and Public Speaking… Yikes.

I love to snowboard at Snowbasin. YES, I am a Basin Boy!! haha.  I also love to attend Jazz games and watch them with my buds.  My favorite player is D will and Hayward is a stud for being a rookie.  I grew up in North Ogden and I love the outdoors.

I have worked at the Cold Springs Trout Farm for the past five years and I love my job.  For now I have recently gotten a new job at Bella’s Mexican Grill. The food there is to die for. I highly recommend giving it a try.  Well life is good.  As Darrel Filbin once said “Fleece it out!”.  And I say Peace out for now 🙂

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